medical malpractice and personal injury


Verdicts and Settlements 

prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome

We are committed to obtaining the best possible outcomes for each client.  Here are some examples of awards that our firm has obtained for clients over the years:

$5,000,000 (Jury Verdict)  --Medical Malpractice--  A hospital failed to adequately monitor a pregnant mother, and recognize the signs of fetal distress.  As a result the child suffered from hypoxia and hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy.  In addition to cognitive disabilities, the child suffered from ADHD and further behavioral disorders. 

$4,750,000‚Äč  --Medical Malpractice--  A hospital delivery lasted 26 hours, and was supervised only by a midwife.  The infant suffered fetal acidosis and subsequent asphyxia.  The hospital failed to follow protocol requiring pediatric presence, failed to recognize long runs of fetal tachycardia and fetal distress, and failed to perform a timely C-section.  This led to cerebral palsy, spastic quadriplegia, and delayed development. 

$4,000,000  --Workplace Accident--  A sanitation worker was driving one of the the department's EZ-pack trucks.  She climbed on top to clear debris, when her partner activated the truck's mechanical lift, pinning her and killing her. 

$2,661,000 (Jury Verdict)  --Medical Malpractice--  A patient underwent surgery for esophageal diverticulum. During the surgery, the surgeon deflated the patient's lung, resulting in severe and permanent injuries.

$ 1,900,000 --Workplace accident-- A sanitation worker was walking between sanitation trucks when he was pinned between two of them fracturing his pelvis and damaging his urethra.

$1,500,000  --Workplace Accident--  A sanitation worker was injured in an accident, where he was a passenger and his vehicle made contact with a police department vehicle.  The sanitation worker suffered spinal injuries and underwent a surgical fusion.

$1,500,000  --Motorcycle Accident--  A rider is thrown from his bike after hitting a defect in the road, suffering neurological injuries.  

$1,400,000 --Workplace Accident--  Failure to provide a harness or a life line to a worker resulted in a fall.  Lumbar and cervical disc herniations, and arthroscopic knee surgery resulted in the worker suffering an inability to return to work. 

$1,300,000 --Medical Malpractice--  A patient who underwent major surgery to repair an abdominal aortic aneurysm.  Post-surgically, the patient was improperly monitored, resulting in severe and permanent injuries.

$900,000  --Premises Liability--  A mail carrier twists knee on a dilapidated sidewalk, requiring replacement surgery. 

$875,000  --Motorcycle Accident-- A driver made a left hand turn in front of a motorcycle, who had right of way.  The two vehicles collided, causing the rider to sustain a fractured tibia, a fractured and dislocated ankle, which resulted in two surgeries. 

$650,000 --Medical Malpractice--  A hospital administered an overdose of insulin, causing cardiac arrest, and a hypoxic event, leading to cognitive deficits and physical limitations. 

$350,000 --Medical Malpractice--  A 47 year old patient suffering from Multiple Sclerosis developed decubitis ulcers during her hospital stay.

$250,000 --Motor Vehicle Accident-- (Saratoga County) A 53 year old woman is struck while crossing the street, suffering a tibial plateau fracture, without surgery.  

$225,000 --Medical Malpractice--  A skin infection of the leg involved a treatment of acetic acid.  After three days of treatment, it was discovered that the acid's strength had resulted in burns.  

$125,000  --Motor Vehicle  Accident--  A driver making a left was struck by an unlicensed driver travelling in the parking lane.  The driver suffered bulging discs and laminar fractures with dislocated facets.  

$125,000  --Motor Vehicle Accident--  A passenger suffered a meniscal tearing of the knee recovers settlement presuit from defendant host driver, and defendant non-host driver.  

$90,000 (Jury Verdict) --Motor Vehicle Accident-- A  20 year old driver at a stop sign proceeded into the intersection and was violently struck.  She suffered bulging cervical discs and radiculopathy.